United Professional Firefighters of Raleigh

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Meals On Wheels    

We have partnered with Meals On Wheels going on three years now.  As an organization, we volunteer twice a month, every month, all year.  You can visit their website at www.wakemow.org.
African-American Cultural Complex 

We have volunteered at the African-American Cultural Complex. This facility started as a small house museum and has become one of the Triangle’s premier African American attractions. The African American Cultural Complex is located in the home of Dr. E. B. and Mrs. Juanita Palmer, who began in 1984 to collect artifacts and information highlighting African American achievement.
Hallelujah Soup Kitchen

We have also volunteered with the Hallelujah Soup Kitchen for Thanksgiving the past two years.  This organization serves breakfast to the homeless population every weekday.  You can visit their website at: 

Backpack Buddies

Recently, we had the opportunity to volunteer with Diversity Community Foundation.  This organization gives food to school children who have been identified as food deficient.  With backpack buddies, school children are sent home with backpacks full of nutritious food for the weekend.  You can learn more about the organization by visiting www.dcfcares.org.
We have had the opportunity to work with the Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh as well.  We participated in a Family Fun Day that was awesome!  The kids had a great time and we enjoyed preparing the meal for everyone. 

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