United Professional Firefighters of Raleigh

About Us

The United Black Firefighters of Raleigh (UBFFR) was first chartered on August 1, 1993 as an organization through the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters (IABPFF) under the leadership of Wayne L. Burton.  It consisted of an executive board and its members, whose goals were to  build a foundation for the organization by fire and health education, fire safety, and fire prevention while reducing the amount of fire damage and injuries in our communities. 

As time passed, the organization was able to expand through the community by education , volunteering, and recruiting for the local chapter and fire service.  Upward mobility through the fire service was one of the greatest challenges to the organization, but we are constantly advancing in rank year after year. 

In February of 2001, organizational reconstruction occurred with the adoption of a new name.  The name of the organization was changed to the United Professional Firefighters of Raleigh (UPFFR). 
President:  Alfred Lee Hogan Jr.
Vice President (A Platoon):  Herman Ellis
Vice President (B Platoon): Corey McGee
Vice President (C Platoon):  Malcolm Perry
Sergeant-At-Arms:  Dwayne Massenburg
Treasurer:  Marvin Evans
Corresponding Secretary:  Kamilah Webb
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